Sunday, 21 August 2011

Busted - Crashed The Wedding

Artist: Busted

Track: Crashed The Wedding

Year: 2003

Director: Brian Storm

Genre: Pop/Rock

Main Audience:Teenagers

Type: Performance/narrative

Busted are a British group, the song - crashed the wedding- was composed by one of it's member (James Bourne). It was there second single to reach number one in the U.K and it was also released in America and Japan. It's band consists of James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson, who is now a successful solo artist with hits like Parachute and Down Down Down.

The humorous music video features  Busted playing at a wedding in which nearly all the guests are portrayed by the band members. Busted then go on to destroy the wedding, wrecking the cake and knocking over tables. A scene involving one character spanking another was edited out when the video was aired during the daytime. Before the song begins, a muzak version of Busted's first single "What I Go to School For" is heard. Willis, Bourne and Simpson portray Adam Ant, Michael Jackson and Boy George impersonators respectively. Harry Judd from the UK band McFly plays the drummer in the video.[8] The single was also promoted by appearances on Top of the Pops, Top of the Pops Saturday (as an acoustic performance), cd:uk (twice), Popworld  (twice), the Royal Variety Performance, and Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.[9] The line "I'm so rushed off my feet, looking for Gordon Street" is a reference to the 1993 film Wayne's World 2.
The video is both narrative and performance, but the whole cast is mainly played by themselves. Through out the video there is many different characters played by Charlie, Matt and James, but they also perform on stage being themselves. On some of the clips it was obvious that they would have had to film it at seperate times but you can'treally tell that it was done this way. It isn't usual for any genre to have a member from another band in your video except when they collaberate together. In one scene the camera goes upside down and spins around, unusual method for this type of genre. The boys are clearly trying to win the girl back and stop her from marrying her future husband, they succeed with this and also destroy and cause mischeif around the wedding party (the clip when Charlie destroys the cake). Busted have clearly taken the micky of other celebrities such as Michael Jackson, it all comes with the humour and fun of the video.

The relationship between the lyrics and the visuals are pretty much the same. They crashed the wedding in the video and the song is called 'Crashed the wedding'. They are singing about how they want this girl back, but her father doesn't like them (Her daddy disagrees, he's always hated me) so they have to get her before it's to late. 'I'm glad I crashed the wedding' describes the feelings after. There is a relationship between the music and the visuals as they are still keeping the traditional conventions of performance based video and showing them playing guitars but they have just put a new twist on it, by making it fun and taking the micky.

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