Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Spandau Ballet - True

Artist: Spandau Ballet

Track: True
Year: 1983
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Genre: Ballad
Main Audience: Female
Type: Performance

The music video is all performance based, this is to get the feel for the lyrics and the soft tones in the music. The start of the video is all shadows behind a paper wall, then it pans into the protagonist. At 1.18 there is a close up of  the protagonist Tony Hadley, He looks straight down the camera, you can see his emotion for the song in his eyes. Through out the whole video Tony Hadley is staring towards the camera, the way he moves and sings its as if he's singing on a karaoke machine. The camera holds the frame for a long time, usually music videos are fast pace, this is slower because it is showing the slowness of the song. The special effects are very soft, it's mainly fade ins and layering of each different member of the band, there is also split screening showing the guitar and microphone (2:11) . The lighting creates shadows and not full colour images, very pastel and skin tone.

The relationship between the lyrics and the visuals is that the lighting compliments the lyrics. The protagonist is telling the audience what he knows and loves, you can see this by his eye contact to the camera. It's a performance based video which means that the 'heart and soul' from the song is incorporated into the movements and looks of Tony Hadley. There is a great relationship between the visuals and music as mentioned before it is a ballad which usually comes with a performance based video. The suit in which Tony is wearing signifies that it is this genre and that both the characters in the video and music/lyrics moves the viewers.

The main target audience is female, this is because of the Female gaze theory and women can relate to the lyrics and proberly wish it was themselves that the protagonist was singing about.

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  1. key to exploring a vid like this is looking for aspects which appeal to male + female viewers: BOTH are targeted


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