Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Artist: The Darkness

Track: I believe in a thing called love

Year: 2003

Director: Alex Smith

Genre: Rock

Main Audience:

Type: Mainly performance but there is an aspect of narrative

The video is about the lead protagonist Justin Hawkins, who is in a weird space world in a spaceship, and is waking up to realise this. He does the actions along with the song - 'Touching you'. One by one the band is revealed and it turns into a performance. As it was set in 2003 the special effects aren't as good, for example the blue flames towards the end of the clip (2:42).

The song comes from there album Permission To Land, which has a theme of space and spaceships, you can see this from the front cover.

There is an aspect of nudity, with naked dummies in the background and when he gets out of the bath there is nudity shown but blurred out.

There isn't a link between the visual and lyrics as Justin is singing about love and feelings, the visuals do not display this, except the part when he touches himself along with the lyrics. The stereotypical video for those lyrics is usually involving a girl. However the relationship between the visuals and music is related as the peice of music is rock, there is a rock theme through out the video, flames, guitars and headbanging. The typical rock video is usually performance based which is the case with this particular video.

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