Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Spice Girls - Wannabe

Artist: Spice Girls
Track: Wannabe

Year: 1996

Director: Jhoan Camitz

Genre: Pop

Main Audience:12-20

Type: Mainly Performance

The video is about the group of girls (Geri Halliwell- Ginger Spice, Emma Bunton-Baby Spice, Victoria Beckham-Posh Spice, Mel C-Sporty Spice and Mel B - Scary Spice) creating chaos in the London Hotel St. Pancras. They go around singing whilest disturbing guests staying there, the audience knows from the begining that they aren't allowed in the vicinity but run in knocking guards and workers out of the way. The video was all in one take, so the girls had to learn the dance routine and perform it in one take, a steadycam was used to film it. There was some controversy caused by the video as they filmed it on a very cold night which made some of the costumes didn't cover up the issue, Virgin went a head with the video after the girls re-fused to re-film it. They won a Brit award in 1997 for the single and are a very famous British group worldwide.

There isn't much of a relationship between visuals and lyrics because 'If you wanna get with me, better make it fast', the lyrics have nothing to do with the setting and dance moves. They refer to themselves in the song (rap bit) which is the only thing that goes with the theme. The relationship between visuals and the music is that the music has an aspect of attitude in it, which is shown in the video when they walk around jeering at the camera and basically saying 'look at me'. The opening title sequence is very dated, not many special effects are used becuase it was produced in 1996, It doesn't have capital letters so you can tell no much thought has gone into it.

Spice Girls were the first female group to challenge the norm of all members shoulld wear the same, same hair styles, basically clones of each other. They set the trend for future girl groups by dressing how they want and in there cases the way they dressed made them get nick names for each other, this is individuality.


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