Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Practice Pitch - Y.M.C.A

We all had to pick a song and pitch it to the class for a re-make of the video. I chose to do The Village People - Y.M.C.A because I have already blogged on it and found out the necessary information about it. It would also be a good fun music video, which will include a lot of campness and silly dancing. Here is my pitch:

Class Music Video - Martin Solveig- Hello

As a group we came up with the idea of remaking the song Hello by Martin Solveig. It is an upbeat dance song that has been in the charts recently. We were going to use the tennis aspect of the video and make it alot more comedy based, for example we were going to drag up the male characters that were playing female roles. The day when we were supposed to film was a total mess, we had people turning up with out their costumes, no equipment, no net and facilities. It was a poor effort by all of us and should have been a lot more organised and well thought out. Me and Gina Maunsell took over the role of producer and managed to get things back on track, we talked to the head of P.E and sorted out the courts and nets to be put up for the next day when we were going to film, we also sorted out everyones costumes and made sure everyone knew what they were doing.

The roles in the music video were:

Gina Maunsell: Tennis Player

Me: Fan and director

Melodie Abraham: Fan/ball girl and choreographer

Ellie Fry: Fan and the person who wrote down what shots we got on the day

Ben Hudson: Camera man/director

Harry Knight: Tennis player

Rob Shaw:Tennis Player (dressed as a girl)

Sam Pollock: Tennis Player

Will Spivey: Ball Boy/He's love interest

Tom Wardman: Ball Boy/ He/She (Sams love interest, also dressed as a girl)

Kyle Meeson: Umpire

We also had extras that featured in the video doing the lip syncing.
We had a lot of issues filming this video, one being that when we came to film it we didn't have any tennis nets put up so we therefore couldn't film it that day and had to do it the next day instead putting us behind schedule and less time to edit. Another issue was that we didn't plan the video well enough, this taught me for when it comes to my actual coursework music video that detailed planning is vital for a task like this, although i did learn this in AS, it still took the class to get back into the media frame of mind.

This is the original video

Me, Ellie Fry and Sam Pollock are editing our remake of the music video Hello by Martin Solveig. In my group I was the one who mainly did the editing as I came in my free's and lunch times to try and finish it. Some problems did occur such as the computer froze and didn't save from 2.00 onwards so I had to re-do this again, unfortunately I couldn't find the clips that I used before so had to use some that have already been included (this was also down to how many clips we had). Another problem was the dancing bit at 1.51, I wanted to have the different male parts in different parts of the screen, I tried this and it didn't work and messed up that scene. Here is our re-make:

Overall from this process I learnt that again organisation is key to a task like this, everybody needs to bring what there expected and basically work with reliable people. Nobody new what they were doping but had been briefed before hand. I think in these kind of tasks you will always get a few people who don't put the effort in, I am glad this was just a practice.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Vodcast - Jess, Gina and Ellie Women

We are doing a vodcast on 3 of our music video deconstructions, the videos we are doing are:

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance (Ellie's post)
Rihanna- Umbrella (My Post)
Madonna- Material Girl (Gina's Post)

We have chosen these music videos because they are all powerful women in the music industry, they all create pop music and have a link to each other