Thursday, 19 April 2012

ALL - Final Music Video (Rough Cut 7)

Audience: We showed this version of the rough cut to members of our A2 media class (all aged 17/18years old). This is an ideal audience to show the rough cut to because it fits within our primary target audience for the music video of 15-24year olds. Our teacher also gave us some feedback on this version of our music video and he in in keeping with our secondary target audience. In addition to this we showed it to adults at home who also fit with our secondary audience of original Robbie Williams followers from his time in Take That and when he first launched his solo career.

This is our last rough cut of our music video. We got feedback before we exported it: 
  • Switch the clip with the spoons in the bowl and the i <3 U
  • Used I <3 U twice so take out the first one
  • performance on the rocks - zoe needs to come on screen quicker after sophie fades out
  • when katie and nathan are holding hands by the window the shot shakes a lot  
  • add more crossfades between shots
  • dull ending - change the light to blowing out candles. layer robbie and 3 gens fading in/out

We changed all of these things and then exported our final music video. We are very happy with it and the end product works very well.   

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