Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mini - Vid Exercise

In my group (Gina, Jem, Ben and Conor) we have decided to use the song I feel free by Cream because, it's an easy rhythm and pace to make a video with, there aren't many lyrics during the song and we had many ideas for this song.

Our main idea is to have a barber shop cortet effect at the begining (so the men will just click and hum along to the beat) and then the main singer will come forward through the crowd  and begin to sing. He will then go through grass and look at blue skies (because it's a very free image).

This task got us to grips with using the HD cameras, this was a big step up from AS because the technology was a lot better and gave us a better quality result. Once we had practiced with them, there were therefore easier to use and prepared us for next years music video task. This was a good task because it showed us how fast pace a music video should be and how tightly cut the editing should be. It was our first time using Final Cut to create something like this which again helped us to get familiar with the software and play around with different effects.

This is the original video for the song

This is our re-make

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