Sunday, 10 July 2011

Britney Spears Re-make

As part of a school project we have to re-make the Britney video, this will give us practice for future projects. The location is within school so it goes with the original theme of the Britney video. The problems we might face are that people might forget their correct costume, the location doesn't match the original video (we are trying to get it as close to the video as possible), that some forgets the blonde wig which is crucial for the video and we also need to make it look realistic (verisimilitude). A big part for our scene is the dance routines, and if no-one has even looked at the video or practice then this could create problems, it will make the day run less smoothly and you might get one or two people dancing out of sync etc. The biggest problem we could face is definately lip syncing, it only takes one person to get one word out of sync and it looking unrealistic and very fake.

Me and my group were focusing on the gym scene towards the end of the video. We had to think about props, how many people were needed for each shot, setting, location, costume etc. The role I took on was starring in the all the dance numbers and generally helping our project manager (Harriot Harding), this included showing the other group who had been doing the short classroom scene what the dance moves were. 

During the duration of the task, time management lacked. We didn't have enough time to film everything within the time scheldule, this therefore mean't we needed to film after lunch, putting us behind on starting on the editing and vodcast. 

When I come to do something like this again I will definitely ensure that everything is organised and the lyrics are all planned out. To make sure that the lip syncing is up to what I want, I will re-take the song in multiple scenes, going through the whole song to make sure I wasn't short on footage. I will also make sure that the cast that I choose will be wearing relevant clothing and know exactly what they need to bring. Another thing I will make sure is that the cast know the dance routine before we start filming, I would give them the song to practice with a couple of nights before, this will ensure people know what there doing on the day. Obviously creating the Britney video was to a tight schedule (all in one morning) and I wouldn't have such a short time limit when doing another music video, but I think setting short deadlines helps speed up the filming because people know they have to get on rather than mess around for a bit. 
This is Britney's original video


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