Wednesday, 14 March 2012

JT - Problems with applying genre to video

Our music video genre is pop, this is what Robbie Williams is classed as. But we have challenged codes and conventions of the stereotypical pop genre.

The common conventions of music videos:
Michael Jackson's Thriller Music
Video, with dance scenes
and digetic sound
  • Narrative/Performance/concept
  • linear/non-linear
  • layering
  • lip syncing
  • variety of locations
  • male and female gaze
  • choreography
  • artist
  • digetic sound/breaks (eg,Thriller, Kanye West, Tribute Song, Look At Me Now, Depeche Mode-Its no good, they exaggerated conventions and challenged them)
  • fast pace editing
  • props
  • costume
  • dancing
  • framing
  • special effects
  • hybrid
  • shot type
  • discontinuity editing
  • vary speeds of editing
  • lighting
  • instruments
  • Ed Sheeran Lego house, Uses
    instruments in video, guitar
  • cutting to beat

Common conventions in Pop Genre
  • Dancing (Single Ladies-Beyonce)
  • Lip Syncing (basically all pop music videos)
  • Fast Pace Editing (Domino- Jessie J)
  • Male and Female Gaze (Cheryl Cole- Fight For This Love)
  • Sexual Reference (Katy Perry - California Girls)

Nicki Minaj Super Bass
The conventions we have used in ours
  • Layering
  • Variety of locations
  • Lip Syncing
  • Male/Female gaze (Laura Mulvey)
  • Narrative/Performance
  • Portrayed a hetrosexual relationship as the norm (normative)
  • Constant narratve through out
  • Katy Perry Californa Gurls, Sexual
    Reference and Male Gaze
  • Performance seperate from narrative
The conventions we have challenege
  • No Dancing
  • Slowing down the editing
  • Didn't put text on screen
  • No digetic sound at begining and throughout

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  1. this can work as a useful post outwit the Eval Q, but only if there's more of an initial discussion written by you, and you provide series of clips/pics to illustrate SOME (or all within a vodcast) points, using caption tool and avoiding the excessive/random/unsightly white space you've usually added to posts
    you should also try much, much harder to engage with theories from Q1b work/materials, making this v useful exam prep (by you i mean both!)


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