Thursday, 13 October 2011

GM - A2 Music Video Group

For my music video I have formed a group with Gina Maunsell. . I worked with her very well last year so I chose to continue with her as she is hardworking, reliable and we work efficiently together. I can rely on her to complete her share of the work to a high standard. 

After hearing both of our pitches we have decided to develop Gina's idea of 'Robbie Williams - She's the One'. This is because She had more initial ideas with a stronger narrative whereas my plan was rather complicated which meant filming would have been more demanding. Gina also included performance footage which was more likely to assist with readers interest however we were worried with my plan that there would be too much repetition of shots as my song was longer.

You can view our work on our blogs as well as our final cut and short videos and podcasts on our YouTube channels ( or Enjoy, and please feel free to add any comments or suggestions!

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