Wednesday, 19 October 2011

GM - Coursework Pitch

Artist: Robbie Williams
Track: She's the One
Director: -
Year released: 1999
Genre: Pop
Main target audience: 15-24year olds

This is the original music video for the track which won an award in 2000 for 'Best British Video'.

Robbie Williams - She's The One on MUZU.TV

Robbie Williams - She's The One on MUZU.TV

I am going to recreate this with a performance and narrative music video. For the performance aspects of the video
 will be an older male lipsyncing the lyrics, being Robbie Williams. The person playing Robbie will ideally be in their
 late 20's early 30. For this I may use the school stage in B hall as the location for the shoot along with a
microphone set. It will be mainly look to camera shots taken from various angles and differing heights. In
order to link that narrative and performance together, at this stage I am considering having Robbie walking
through the locations of narrative, eg leaves, lip-syncing.

The narrative sections will consist of three different ages of people, one boy and one girl, starting with a young
child. We may have problems with this so I am not giving an exact age but aslong as they are under 7years old
 it will work. The second couple will be about 14 and these actors will be hopefully some of my brothers friends in
his year. Finally will be two 18 year olds for which I will use people in my year for. The ages of the younger
 children may vary depending on parental consent and availability during the time of filming. Permission slips
 will have to be signed by parents in the case of the younger children. The narrative of the younger children will be
recored on a DV camera that we used last year. They have lower screen quality so will provide the effect of ageing
 on the footage. If this is not to the level we would like it, further editing can be done in Final Cut Express.
The remaining footage will be shot using a HD camera.

Some of my ideas of what the actors can be doing for the separate age groups are;

  • messing about in the leaves

  • blowing out birthday candles

  • baking - for this the youngest two will have baking mix around their face and the older two will have flour 
handprints on their bum or chest.
    • driving a car - the youngest in a homemade cardboard box car, the 14year olds on Mario Karts on the Wii
     using the wheel remote and the oldest couple driving an actual car.
      • I love you - messy childrens writing, text language, pretty swirly writing
      • fancy dress - the outfits get more revealing as the children get older
      • watching tv together - ceebeebies, the simpsons, a romantic movie cuddled up on the sofa however some
       testing will need to be done for this one as the tv may flicker as we play the footage back
        There will also be a collage of photos of their life together, and pan of the window sill which is decorated with 
        photo frames - camera then zooms into one of these and it turns from a still image to a a film memory. Bonfire 
        nights/ watching the fireworks together - toffee apples, hats and scarfs etc. swings/at the park. First kiss.
        Editing - not only will the footage of the younger children be aged, it may also be in black and white to make 
        it clear that it is a memory. I will also use slow motion for certain sections of the flashbacks and a variety of 
        transitions as well as layering.
        My inspiration for this pitch was not necessarily other music videos, however I have looked at other forms of
        multimedia such as the Nikon Coolpix s3000 camera advert where there are a group of friends and the person
        taking the photo zooms in on the face of the person he loves. Another example of my influences can be seen

        The John Lewis Chrismas 2010 advert:

        All of these ideas are condensed into my pitch to the class that you can view below, along with some feedback and questions I recieved after

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