Monday, 30 January 2012

ALL - Digipaks


Jack Johnson : In between Dreams

-Special edition sticker
-Bonus track sticker
-Artist name 
-Album title
-Graphic which carries on to the back

-Track listing on the left hand side
-Consistent font with the front
-Bar code
-Production logos
-Website of record company, Jack Johnson official and fan site
-Copyright information

-Picture of artist with guitar 
-Booklet in a cut out slot

James Blunt: Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions 

-Artist name
-Album name
-A limited edition sticker that specifically says it includes a DVD and CD
-A picture of James Blunt across the front and links in with the back
-Parental Advisory sticker
-On the spine there is the name of the CD, the company name and catalogue number
-On the back a bar code
-DVD logo
-Company productions etc logos
-Copyright info
-Track listings
-Live in Ireland DVD
-Special Bonus


  1. come on: proofread. massive blank space
    do your sub-headings stand out? no
    for JB seems you can't even name the CD, and in any case stop at the front, ignore inner...

  2. best to split into sep posts in any case, help show range of analyses for EACH text format


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