Thursday, 12 January 2012

ALL - Filming over the holidays

Sophie and John
Zoe and Josh
We initially decided to film all generations over the christmas holidays, unfortunately this we didn't film as much as we had hoped, we only managed to film Generation 2. The other cast members were unavailable and we couldn't find any replacements. So we filmed Generation 1 and 3 the weekend we got back to school. All the filming went very well and the clips we have are what we imagined our idea to be like. 

Katie and Nathan

We haven't filmed any performance yet, we did try a couple of weeks ago but the weather was just too bad to even consider it. Our cast member is George Scaife (Studied media last year at Ilkley Grammar school), he is at university at the moment but said he would be willing to come back and film for us, so we are hoping to film him within the next couple of weeks. 

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  1. post title??????
    these sort of posts are v useful, but still, some extra info: brief reminder on what you planned to film, any updated plans etc
    did you blog on replacing george eventually?


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