Tuesday, 24 January 2012

JT- Magazine Ads

I researched further into magazine ads and found similar codes and conventions. 

The Enemy: Music For The People (found in Q magazine)

-Black Background
-A circular shape (ring) in the middle with different colours on
-White, bold titles
-Grey sub titles
-On the bottom of the page the enemy website

Depeche Mode : Sounds of the Universe ( found in Q)

-Grey/blue background
-A circle with loads of different coloured lines on
-Advertising whats out, e.g, vinyl and CD
-Logo for album cover and a earlier single
-Tour dates
-Depeche mode website
-Mute company logo and website

Maximo Park: Quicken The Heart (found in Q)

-Orangey/Brown background with single dashed lines running through it
-Date of album coming out
-White, bold font
-'Limited CD / DVD edition includes 68 minute film shot at Newcastle Arena'
-Saying when the single is out
-Maximo Park website
-Constellation names in the background

I then looked through 3 Now magazines and found that the adverts were completely different to Q mag due to the different target audience. Now is aimed at females from 15-50, it includes the stereotypical weight marketing and the adverts are mainly beauty products, these then sell because they appeal to the target audience (females). There mag ads are bright coloured where as Q is dark.  Looking through them,  the size of magazine ads vary from full page, half a page, quarter of a page and then boxed ads. 

'Magazine advertising is even more expensive than newspaper advertising. Long lead times also mean that ads must be paid for up to one month in advance of the advertisement actually being published, which can cause cash flow problems for small businesses.
However, magazine advertising does have a number of advantages, particularly in its ability to target niche audiences.
As an example of the cost, don’t expect to pay less than £200 for a full-page ad in a magazine with a readership of 5,000 people, and in may cases it’ll be considerably more expensive than that.
Always be aware that sometimes additional extras can be obtained, such as free space at trade shows or free advertising on the magazine’s website in return for placing an advertisement in their publication.'  
Marketing Mine Field 2012
This website shows different prices in Dollars for all of the different marketing spaces. 

In most magazines there are advert boxes, these usually include merchandise, cosmetic surgery (in women's Magazines), tour dates, chat lines and psychic predictions lines. 


  1. MBI helps you in making smart choice, while advertising in magazines. One can check advertise rate, circulation, audience's age group etc.

  2. i've also commented on this on GMs, but sep point on layout: look at my blogs, then this - sub-headings are a basic expectation which you routinely fail to provide/distinguish from other text
    i've already flagged the constant poor layout of posts generally


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