Wednesday, 7 December 2011

GM - Magazine Ad Research

Features of Greenday, 21st Century Breakdown digipak magazine advert

  • Says the format it is available in - CD and download
  • Bold writing
  • Text is very clear agains the darker background - white on black/brown/red
  • Includes basic information such as band name, album title, release date, web address
  • Band name is in the largest font so it stands out
  • Band name is recognisable of their image/brand (logo?)
  • Frames the image - graffiti style - same as the album cover
  • Colours compliment each other
  • Introductory sentence to grab the audience's attention 'the wait is finally over...'

Other conventions we found as a group
  • Album artwork is included in the advert (all)
  • Says 'new album' on the ad (3/6)
  • Tour dates (2/6)
  • Release date (all)
  • Social media links - twitter/ facebook (no longer myspace for newer releases)
  • Tickets website (2/6)
  • Artist website (all)
  • Artist name positioned top, central on the page (5/6)
  • Tour sponsor advert and website (1/6)
  • Phone number for ticket (1/6)
  • Name of hit single included in the album (2/6)
  • Image of the band (3/6)
  • Thumbnails of the album (1/6)
Other ideas
  • Label it as limited addition to increase sales
  • image of digipak spread out

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  1. once more, move pic to R or L of text, lose the blank space


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