Wednesday, 14 December 2011

JT- Casting



This week we got in touch with the cast for the second time, our elder male (Joel) pulled out last minute so we found a replacement which was our second choice. We will now be using Katie and Nathan who are available all holidays. These two are perfect because they are already a couple so it won't be hard to find onscreen chemistry as they already have it. They are the exact age of our target audience (18+21) so our primary audience will link to them more. They are applying with common codes and convetions of the Pop Genre because they are a hetrosexual couple, fashionable and are attractive. There costume will be of a similar style (more Indie) which will be asthetically pleasing and will look as if they have grown up together and taking in each others characterisitcs. Although Katie has red hair and nathan has dark hair, it doesn't matter about all the 3 generations hair colour matching as it creates versimilatute, as in real life everybodys hair changes when they grow up

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  1. caption tool
    look at asmt criteria 'Organisation' - what evidence is there here of exc or even prof'y in this? isn;t this basic at best?
    there's no apparent thought on aud or conventions; nothing on how you'll manipulate appearance, nothing on how this fits in with other cast - just 'we can get these 2'
    you both need to have a good think about how/where you can add to R+P to get further marks on this


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