Thursday, 1 December 2011

ALL - Mise-En-Scene Issues

When planning our idea we came across potential issues regarding the props and mise-en-scene we have chosen:

  • Some of our locations are outside so matching up lighting and weather may be difficult if re-shoots are required
  • At the time of filming we may be to far into Autumn so all the leaves will have already fallen of the trees and started to decay on the paths rather than being crisp and in a perfect condition to throw 
  • An alternative to the leaves scene was to use snow instead however due to the unusually warm November we have experienced it is unlikely that snow will fall
  • As we are using three generations in our idea it may be difficult to achieve verisimilitude to the time period
  • We are also using 2-4 year old children so it is going to be difficult to get them to cooperate on camera
  • Some of the scenes involve getting messy, eg painting, so we will therefore have to order our shooting to ensure that we do the messiest last

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