Wednesday, 30 November 2011

JT - Key Influences

After looking at several music videos, both me and Gina have found that there aren't any that are exactly like our idea. Although we have found some videos which represent different bits and some story lines.

Both One Directions video's 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'It's Gotta Be You' and the X Factor 2011 charity single 'Wishing On A Star' used layering and editing techniques we would like to incorporate into ours.

These 3 video's use different clips fading into one another but still having them places on the screen, also keeping different layers on top of each other such as the group and fire. We want to use these editing techniques because the song we have chosen (Robbie Williams - She's The One) is a 'nice' song and the usual code and convention of music video is fast pace editing, this will not look right with the type of theme we are going for so we need slower editing to fit in. The video of Gotta Be You by One Direction also has a cold effect that we want to use for ours such as woolly clothing and a cold atmosphere, the lighting helps with this, another example of the cold effect is The Saturdays video of 'My Heart Take's Over', this also has the type of style we want to use for Robbie When he is on the Cow and Calf rocks.

Olly Murs also has a range of songs that are about love. His videos don't link into our idea as much but 'Busy' shows his love (even though the girl isn't real) this is something we definately want to incorporate into ours.

Katy Perry's 'The One That Got Away' is another example of loving someone. This video shows two different ages (similar to ours except were using three), one being a young couple and then the other being the woman of the couple grown up. The director has made the younger couples mise-en-scene to look older in time period, this is something we need to think about and incorporate into ours. It's a love story which ends in a tragic way when the young boy dies after they have an argument in a car crash. One of the opening scenes that they use is of them painting portraits of each other, we are using this idea too. They also dance together which we are having in our, the basic idea is of them being very close and in love.

Another video that is similar to the love story is the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack single - Bruno Mars 'It Will Rain'. This shows both performance and a love story between him and the girl. It shows there rocky relationship but love is still keeping them together. It links in with ours because it again shows the love and how they are with each other.

Another influence on our idea is the John Lewis advert. This is a perfect example of a young girl growing up with the same man as she met when she was younger. It shows aspects that we want to use in ours. Also it uses a messy baking scene which is another one of our ideas.

Our Vodcast on the key influences

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  1. all well + good embedding full vids, but you know you need screenshots/clips for Q1 etc, and your blog reader would benefit from having these to illustrate your points
    if i'm doing this + don't have time, i generally at least give specific timings so the reader - you lot - can find them QUICKLY + EASILY


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