Thursday, 3 November 2011

JT - Goodwin

Goodwin suggested 3 types of music video:

1. Narrative- This is when a story is told, a story that links in with the lyrics, for example Bad Romance links with it's video as she is showing how her boyfriend bought her.

2. Concept- A concept video is when a story is told but does not link in with the lyrics. For example, New Order : True Faith, this was a video about little toy people fighting each other, this had nothing to do with the lyrics or the song

3. Performance- It is when a band member (usually the lead singer) features through out the video either performing on a stage or to a crowd. I good example of genre for this is heavy metal and rock, there stereotypical moves are head banging along with performances. For example The Darkness video for I Believe In A Thing Called Love had mainly performance but also narrative in, this is a usual convention for genres like that 


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