Friday, 11 November 2011

ALL - Casting

The person playing Robbie will ideally be in their late 20's early 30 however this may change if that is not available to us. For our youngest children we may have problems with getting permission of parents to feature in our film so we are lenient to the age of them, as long as they are under 7 years old it will work. We have asked and got permission from Mrs Morgan to could use one of her sons however we still need to find a young girl. We asked about perhaps a girl friend from his play group but we haven’t a final answer on this yet. The second couple will be about 14 and these actors will be hopefully some of Gina’s brothers friends in his year. Finally will be two 18 year olds for which we will use people in our year for. The ages of the younger children may vary depending on parental consent and availability during the time of filming. Permission slips will have to be signed by parents in the case of the younger children.

We have possible ideas on different cast members but we are yet to ask them and decide who we want

  • Joel and Livi
  • Katie and Nathan
  • Miss Morgans children (boy) and some friends who have a little girl
  • Chris and Harriot
  • George Scaife or Jack Hanson for Robbie






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  1. horrid layout: use caption tool, + try to provide links to existing texts to help justify/contextualise your choices


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