Friday, 11 November 2011

ALL - Audience

Our primary target audience will be youths aged 15-24year olds because our research shows that that is what is common for those videos gathered in the Pop genre. The music video will also have aspects that they will be able to relate to. We are the age of our primary audience which helps us because we know what our age wants and what they would relate too. The gender of our primary audience is female because just like the male gaze theory (Laura Mulvey) there is a female gaze (Robbie Williams), the video is also quite a lovey dovey storyline so girls will relate to this more and hit there emotions more. 

Our secondary audiences will be tweens (8-13year olds) who will aspire to be like the performers and actors in the music videos, and adults (24-35year olds) who may be watching the video because they enjoyed Robbie’s previous material. Again the gender is female because back when Robbie was in his element in the 90's the fan base was screaming young girls, so as they have grown up they still carry a soft spot for him. 

Males are also a small part of our audience because males might inspire to be the lead male protagonist and get the girl, the may also like his music and again relate to the lyrics, especially the ones about girlfriends etc. The social class will be middle because things we include in the music video, for example, a blackberry phone and Wii games console, will relate to them and they will understand more. Also the location is middle class which again will relate more and on a whole are video is generally for middle class people. 

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