Friday, 11 November 2011

ALL - Location

We have decided to locate at Gina’s house for the majority of the scenes because since it was her idea, that was were she was imagining it all taking place. Her house is very open so it is suitable for filming there and being able to gather a variety of footage. We will use Gina’s kitchen for the baking and blowing out candles sections, the dining room for painting and the living room for watching tv. Jess has scouted the perfect location for holding hands or the first kiss which is on a path alongside Burley River. Jess’s car will be used for one of the scenes as well as Ilkley Park and a field near one of our houses. For the performance scenes we may use the school stage in B hall.
  • Gina's kitchen, dining room and living room
  • Burley River
  • My Car
  • Park

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