Wednesday, 2 November 2011

JT - Class Vodcasts Analysis

Over 3 lessons we have watched each others vodcasts and discussed them. Most of them were on codes and conventions. 

Things I picked on during the lesson is Andy Rehfeidt who is known for death metal music with a twist, he uses the current big hits at the time and make them death metal, for example Rebecca Black and Britney Spears.

The common codes and coventions of music videos are:
  • Pace of editing
  • Short takes
  • Performance
  • Close Up, low angles of lead singer
  • Lip syncing
  • Diegetic intro to the song

Harry and Kyle Vodcast

Harry was looking at Hello by Martin Solveig, recently done by the class as a project and Kyle was looking at Afterlife by Avenge Sevenfold. 

Martin Solveig - Hello

After watching the full 8 minute music video we picked up on a lot of details:

  • Dance song
  • Lyrics don't link in with the tennis theme of the video
  • Concept video
  • Upbeat
  • Shot Variation
  • Title, this is not a common convention of music videos, it is more like a film opening 
  • Using media language of another format for example when the tennis star is looking through the door
  • The girls who are supporting are young, slim, low cut tops (gender representation, very glamerous)

Avenge Sevenfold - Afterlife

  • Narrative
  • Dark lighting
  • Dark clothing
  • Performance
  • Hard rock metal genre
  • Most of sub-genres of rock metals, use shadows and low key lighting
  • Simple video
  • Black and white
  • twists to afterlife
  • Narrative enigma
  • Mysterious and doesn't tell viewer
  • Leaves the person hanging

Tom and Rob's Vodcast

Tom was looking at Yonkers by Tyler The Creator and Rob was looking at Muse by Knights of Sydona. 

Yonkers - Tyler The Creator 
  • 1 man singing
  • Hand held cam
  • Man going insane
  • 2 shots
  • Long Take

Muse - Knights of Sydona 

  • Made in 2006
  • High budget
  • Special effects, e.g, star wars
  • Had an online competition to spot the 15 film references
  • Male gaze
  • Few shots of the band
  • Lip syncing
  • Crane shots
  • Director Joseph Khan
  • Use multi-layering

Mel and Will

Mel was looking at Single Ladies by Beyonce and William was looking at Take Back The City by Snow Patrol.

Beyonce - Single Ladies
  • One continous shot, broken up
  • Close up
  • Long takes
  • Black and Whites
  • 15-24 audience, primary girls
  • Male gaze, post feminism
  • Performance
  • Lip syncing
  • Concept
  • Sex Symbol
  • Strong, independant female expressing her sexuality
  • R'n'B

Snow Patrol - Take The City
  • Performance/Narrative/Concept
  • 18-35 target audience
  • Competition for people to be in the video
  • Close up of lead singer
  • Stop motion shots
  • Shot in a pub, UK people
  • Clubs, interacting with each other
  • Rock, typical instruments

Sam and Ben Vodcast

Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug
  • Made in 1997
  • Director Mark Romak
  • Youth 15-24 audience
  • David Linch - Lost highway, the video is linked to this
  • Inspired byGustof Kilmet
  • Performance and concept
  • Some lines are referenced in video
  • Budget £1 million
The Prodigy - Firestarter
  • Fast pace
  • Strobe lighting
  • Scary video
  • Caused controversy

Sam looked at firestarter by The Prodigy and Ben looked perfect drug by Nine Inch Nails


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