Wednesday, 29 February 2012

ALL - Digipak Final

We showed this to our teacher who is part of our secondary audience and an original follower of Robbie Williams, remembering his time in Take That and when he first launched his solo career. We also showed this to some students in Year 13 who are part of our primary audience as they are aged 18years old.

Front Cover 
Back Cover
Inner Panels 

These are our final designs fror our digipak.

We feel that this digipak relates to our video because the front and back show the cheekyness of our performer (which is usually the way Robbie Williams is portrayed) and the inside is lots of little pictures from our film. We put a bow and ribbon on the present to make it look more obvious and 3D. The spine is the same as the front and back design.

We used Photoshop Elements to create all our digipaks (rough cuts and final piece). We didn't find it easy to create as after many tries with creating a digipak we didn't seem to grasp the genre, after feedback we realised that the original images looked 'too country' so we decided to re-shoot. We had problems with the writing as the font we picked for our final piece seemed to move the letters down from the original in line postition. We also had to use the Clone Stamp Tool to make the pictures big enough to fit the digipak canvas size.

Our research did help as we new the common codes and conventions of digipaks. It meant that creating the back cover, especially the small print and logos, we knew exactly what to put after looking back at our research.

From our research and feedback we developed the digipak, after changing many things that we recieved from feedback we think this is the better draft we have done. This digipak is based on audience feedback and without it we wouldn't got such a good product, although I am not keen on the inner panel as i don't think i works as well as it could. 


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    never mind Eval Q1 (tho work for 1 is also for the other), you need a good comprehensive breakdown of influences, progression of ideas, how you achieved ideas, what you dis/like, role of aud feedback, how it links as a package in this post (or a sep one beside it)
    again, that R+P content should be making your Eval easier


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