Tuesday, 21 February 2012

GM - Role of narrative in our video

We have decided to include both narrative and performance footage in our music video for a number of reasons. First of all we though that is we only used performance then the audience would get bored very quickly as it was all the same. In addition to this it would have been very hard to film enough performance with just one person as Robbie to fill the 4 minutes 25 seconds of the song. Had our video been purely performance it would not been appropriate for repeat viewings.

The song we chose was 'She's the One' by Robbie Williams so, like the title suggests, we made sure that our narrative focuses on how the girl of our couple was 'the one'. We did this by showing them growing up together thoughout the video, starting at the young age of 6 through to the beginning of their adult life at 18. Our narrative ideas fit with the lyrics of the song therefore what you see on screen generally emphasises what is being said in the lyrics, presenting it in a way that makes sense to the audience. 

Although we have included narrative in our music video, none of the footage that we have used really fits with any of the three narrative theories or Propp, Todorov or Strauss.

We have used flashbacks in our footage to the couple when they were younger. This is all part of the narrative explaining why 'She's the One'.

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