Tuesday, 21 February 2012

GM - Representation in our music video

 1. Gender

  • We have kept a very equal gender representation throughout our video. We have used attractive actors however we did not cast them on this aspect. We chose the people because we were friends with them or their family and especially with the younger children we needed the consent of an adult. As it turns out we could say that the older generations provide male/female gaze for the audience.
  • The person we cast as Robbie is a male and in the video he is very much in control, however in some places he is showing his more emotional side which is not expected of the male gender in media.
  • One place in our video where the woman may be seen weaker than the male and purely there for sexual attraction is in the baking scene where the man graps her bottom and leaves flour hand prints there on her trousers.
  • Our video includes a cast of both males and females which keeps the target audience wide.
     2. Sexuality
  • Our video portrays a hetrosexual relationship as the norm. We chose this because it is a male singing about a female that he is in love with therfore this scenario made sense and worked well with the lyrics.
  • This relationship has also been used because it is the one that traditionally has always been more accepted by society.
  • In addition to this it more appealing to the majority of both our core and secondary audiences as hopefully they will be able to relate to what is happening in the music video.
     3. Ability
  • In some ways we are following the codes and conventions of music video as it is very rare that a physically disabled individual is used.
  • This was not decided in a discriminative manner, Jess and I just decided that it would not fit in with our idea very well.
  • Casting would have also been a problem because there are very few people at school or in our friendship group who we could have been suitable for the role.
  • We are also inexperienced music video directors so using people with disabilities would have been an added challenge.
  • Also it appears it would be more appealing to the majority of our core and secondary audeinces as hopefully with the cast we have chosen they will be able to relate to the narrative story.
     4. Ethnicity

  • Our video includes a purely Caucasian cast however this was not intentional. Due to the demographics of our school and where we live, finding an ethnic variety of people to cast was not possible. I do not think that this aspect will narrow the target audience of our video as many existing vidoes are not commercially suffering from this.
  • Also, Robbie Williams is a white British singer so we have used a Caucasian cast although this would probably been different had be been a black American.
     5. Age
  • We have used a variety of age groups throughout our video. The youngest generation add the 'cute factor' whereas the older two couple add to the music video's appeal to the core and secondary younger audience. By using actors of this age it would allow our target audience to engage with them further and be able to relate to what was happening in our production.
  • Robbie has been cast as a younger male, age 18. This was because Jess and I didn't really know anyone who was older to play the part. By using someone older we may have had issues with finding times to film between us being at school and perhaps their work or family commitiments. However I think that by casting Jack he would appeal to all audiences as a cheeky, well brought up young man.
6. Social Class
  • Because of where our school is located Jess and I have used actors and actresses from Northern England. There a preconceptions that people from Yorkshire are poor and unsophisticated. However this is usually determind through their accent and we are only using lip syncing so this should not effect our target audience.
  • The mise-en-scene has also been heavily influence by the area we live in. All of our scenes are in comfortable areas and the footage that was taken in the house shows middle class.

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